Flexible Marine Solar Panels

Flexible marine solar panels are perfect for any boat that requires a solar array. They are relatively durable, and light weight (around one eighth the weight of typical panels). They are generally thin, and light weight they can effortlessly be added to most structures allowing for positioning almost anywhere (as they don’t add significant weight to structures).

Their flexibility makes it easy to mount panels directly onto surfaces – moreover, they are also sturdy enough to allow people to walk on them when it is necessary. This makes it easy to install the panels for a range of maritime boating applications.

Flexible panels are favoured in marine environments, for a number of reasons. Normal photovolatic panels need to be mounted wand often use metal frames. In addition, rigid panels may require engineering in order to make a structure that won’t cause disharmony and clutter to the lines of any boat.

An example of flexible marine solar panels in use

Typically, smaller marine panels of around 40 to 50 watts produce an output voltage of about 9 volts. They can also be connected straight to the battery. In addition, they can be linked to a solar controller which expects a voltage of about 16 to 18 volts. The larger panels give output energy of about 16 to 18 volts. They can be connected directly to an everyday solar controller.