12V Solar Panels

There are a huge number of different types of solar panels that have been designed to help people harness and use energy from the sun. 12v solar panels are small solar panels that have, as their title suggests, a small power output of 12 volts that are often used in marine and RV appliance, or for car battery maintenance, field Communication radios, golf cars and garden fittings like pond pumps or lights.

12V Solar Panel

While the output from these solar panels may not be large enough to power an entire household, they are very effective when it comes to the powering of smaller electrical and electronic devices or gadgets whose power needs are within its range – they are also flexible and portable and very cost effective.

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12v solar panels are affordable; they are among the cheapest of the panel options when it comes to the purchase of solar panels. Normally. these panels are used to power devices and gadgets that would otherwise rely on conventional batteries or for charging the batteries themselves.

The initial costs of purchasing the solar panels may be higher than the cost of buying the batteries that they are supposed to substitute. However, this increased cost is more than justified in the long run since the solar panels usually last much longer that the batteries and over the duration of their lifespan, the costs of purchasing equivalent batteries would be a lot higher.

Deep Cycle / Solar Batteries suitable for use with 12V solar panels are available here.

As mentioned before another significant advantage that is associated with the 12v solar panels is their portability (which is why the are often used on boats and motorhomes). Their small size makes them much easier to transport, a fact that means that they can be used practically anywhere where there is daylight.

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